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At Charitacy, we believe in being charitable and giving to help mankind. In recent studies, many said that they will not be as charitable this year and will most likely donate less than last year. You may feel that you can’t afford to be charitable, but just because money is tight it really doesn’t mean you have to give up on giving.

Charitable Giving

Being Charitable 

Charitacy’s mission is to increase charitable giving by offering ways to give, provides useful information and guidance to the needy, and promotes the welfare of others by sharing their funding or charitable stories. Charitable giving must be more than just a charitable donation; it is an effort undertaken by an individual or organization based on an altruistic desire to improve human welfare. Being generous by donating money to good causes and find alternative ways of funding to help those in need is what makes Charitacy special.

Doing something good just became easier!

It’s as easy as …

1. Shop at your favorite stores using our affiliate links

2. A percentage of each sale comes back to the Charitacy site

3. We donate 90% of profits earned to a Featured Charity

No registration required, no personal information needed, just CLICK and SHOP to do something good!

We are making it possible for you to be generous without directly opening your wallet by offering things that you may already need. In fact, being charitable may even help you save money while you’re giving to others.

Shop for charity.

Want to know more? Read up on Charitacy.com on our About Us page.


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